Thinking Process

“The thinking process has many levels and I try to explore how it is related to the body in many different ways. To be static, to be seated, to be walking, to be moving, to be looking at the ocean, in a train. To be working with my hands in a drawing, like a concentrated field, or in a more expanded field with objects in a situation, or with the clay and very physical. This all generates a stimulus in the brain and you are thinking. But the connection between the brain and the body and the breathing and the sweating and the time that you spend and how you slow down thinking or you accelerate thinking is very important for me because you just generate the different aspects of thinking. I am interested in all of them. I try to combine them because I cannot just be thinking statically. And I cannot just be writing. I like to move and I like to be more physical.”
Orozco, Gabriel Art 21 Interview

pink sand2

pink sand1

Pink Sand work


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