Ice Installation, Victoria Baths Manchester

Ice Installation, Victoria Baths, Manchester

In this peice of work, which explores the idea of passage from one state to another, I made ice sculpturees in the shapes of large bells and domes, which had lights frozen into them.  As the ice slowly melted, they became light enough for the balloons they were attached to to lift them up.  There was a magical period when there was only just enough lightness to allow floating, and the ice pieces hovered slowly in front of the eyes. The work was to happen in conjunction with the sinking of the Titanic and my idea was that somehow the light sand the rising would represent souls rising and going to a good place.

 In June 2011 the Royal Northern College of Music staged the event ‘Noise of Many Waters’ at the Victoria Baths, Manchester. This event occupied every floor of the Victorian Baths with a range of musical performances through the evening. As part of this event I was asked to make an installation to accompany the performance of Gavin Bryars’ work, ‘The Sinking of the Titanic’ All music in the film is taken from this event.



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