Vesture Exhibition


EPSON scanner image


c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. and O.Fr. vesture, from V.L. *vestitura “vestments, clothing,” from L. vestivus, pp. of vestire “to clothe” (see wear).

 Drawn from across a career as an artist these images show my interest in the wraps and covers we choose to present ourselves in for the world. These casual items speak of culture, commerce, creativity, concealment, and community, and these are the thoughts that I wanted the work to express. All share and express some part of the meaning of ‘vesture’, or clothing. The term is deemed archaic which suits my purpose in finding a word that adequately spans eras, styles, usages, intentions and range of expression.

From diaries, sketchbooks, oil paintings, watercolours, pencil drawings, collage, and notes you can see work from protracted projects, such as the ‘Fashion Plate’ series and the work that originated when I taught art in a prison, to work made of a time when I lived by the sea on a lonely welsh peninsula, to journal entries showing party clothes, portraits from the knicker drawer, and the vogue magazine paintings.

The T-shirt is a simple true shape that could speak of no other entity than the human. When we look at this shape we know that we belong inside it. This shape and its extension, the simple T shaped dress has long been a subject for my work.

More of this work can be seen at

Alongside the painting and drawing, I also work with less tangible media; ice, water, air, installations, video, digital painting and virtual modelling. This work can be seen at

Virtually all the work in the show is original. One or two reproductions have been put for sale, in the case of the original being on unstable ground, or that I don’t want to part with it. If it is a reproduction, I have made this clear on the label and the list. Reproductions are on archival quality paper.

1 Springtime for Smackheads 

The boys are wearing their ill-fitting prison garb, and the faces that they drew for themselves in art classes, while the officers betray their outlandish bullying behaviour through their colours. The boys who may be serving a sentence for something as minor as smoking cannabis, or participating in animal liberation activity, are fenced in away from the spring that is going on all around them, while officers, many of them triple strength thugs, command and control their every action.

2 First Night on the Out 

No subject was more spoken of amongst the lads in prison (at least in my hearing) than what they would do on the first night they got out. This scene is set in Rochdale, and shows the dream of the lads inside. They wear the clothes that they were wearing when they arrived at prison, which have been given back to them as they leave.

3 Mackerel Sky 

This painting shows a time when I lived for 2 winters at the North Wales coast in Llangwnadl (I never did learn to say it, despite the lessons from locals). The farmer whose house we lived in took himself to a small lean to in order to accommodate us, where he lived in meaty, egg-filled disarray beside us. Arriving back at the cottage after a long freezing motorcycle ride we would see him stationed at some distance from the house holding aloft a hot full teapot ready to welcome us. Other times, coming home from maybe a long run along the coast, we found him at some field hedge intersection handing us a giant turnip as a present. This is Piers who wore a boiler suit except on Sundays when the pubs were dry, and had a harvest-field shave in a bald swathe above his ears.


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